Advanced product filter

Filtering by different criteria

Clients can filter products by values using different HTML elements such as: input fields, range sliders, checkboxes(with pictures), radio buttons

Taxonomy filtering

With this you get a complete solution for product filtering based on custom taxonomy terms/categories/tags


The filter updates the content asynchronously using AJAX requests, for better performance and UX.

Add to wishlist

Multiple shipping rates

Multiple VAT rates

Invoice plugin

Countdown timer for limited product offers.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Credit cart Support

Beautiful custom theme design created from PSD.

Auto fill missing diamond images from the feed with predefined images for each color and shape.


Fast product search

With Elasticsearch the products searching is 3x faster.
Raw data flows into Elasticsearch from a variety of sources, including logs, system metrics, and web applications. Data ingestion is the process by which this raw data is parsed, normalized, and enriched before it is indexed in Elasticsearch. Once indexed in Elasticsearch, users can run complex queries against their data and use aggregations to retrieve complex summaries of their data.

Custom plugin

We created a WordPress plugin that syncs the stock and prices of the WooCommerce products with IDEX (International Diamonds Exchange) XML feed.

It synchronize data on daily bases - delete old products, update changed and insert new products. Admin can change the price margin, tax, shipping and additional fees all from the plugin settings.

Product Page

Unique custom list view giving all the information for the product. The title consists of product attributes. You can also find useful information about the percentage discount, SKU and the thumbnail of the certificate.

There are many options like: Add to wishlist, Multiple shipping rates,Multiple VAT rates, Filtering by different criteria, Taxonomy filtering.